Sam Dybeck and Jenn Smith

The Sacred Conspiracy Manual of Graphic Standards

July 28th, 2022 - August 28th, 2022

3336 W Lawrence Ave, Suite 303

Chicago IL, 60625

Weatherproof is proud to announce The Sacred Conspiracy Manual of Graphic Standards, an exhibition of works by Sam Dybeck and Jenn Smith. This will be Weatherproof's first presentation of work at our new Albany Park space, The Annex.

Open Hours Wednesdays 1pm - 4pm, appointments Mon, Wed, Thurs 11am - 4:30pm

From Press Release Text:

Sacred Conspiracy… is a two-person exhibition consisting of works which relay the symbols of a lived experience, both personal and collective.

Standards manuals aim to train the faithful continuation of an image. There is something to be said about the way in which the outward image of a collective experience may be perceived by a general public.

Dybeck and Smith’s work seeks to bound that gap of vision between observer and participant in their own personal histories. Both graphic and almost archival, they attempt to provide us with routes/roots to tackle the multiplicity and intensity of the cultural landscapes their works emerge from.

Our position as observer extends us the leisure of finding humor in this array of objects. Both in its content and in its formal presentation, irreverence becomes the first point of contact.

Dybeck’s work, a spiral of digital mediation, SoCal skater aesthetic, absurdism, and the dust that clouds your vision as worlds of information collide, proffers up arrangements of the stuff that might constitute a Gen-Z habitus.

Congruently, Smith’s calmly comic world of religious ephemera shows, as KT Hawbaker writes of Smith's 2019 Show at Flatland Soup Kite Laser Church: ‘The mayhem of the evangelical marketing team’.

Each surface bears a fingerprint and each mark is the start of an anecdote.

Conspiro - I sound in unison.

Sam Dybeck (b.1998, Seattle, WA) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Chicago, IL. His work primarily oscillates between print media and sculpture. Much of his studio practice is informed by American consumption habits, nostalgia, internet culture, and security.

Jenn Smith lives and works in Chicago. She received her MFA from SAIC in 2016 and her BS from Illinois State University in 2001. A selection of recent exhibitions include Soup Kite Laser Church, Flatland, Chicago IL; Biosis, Het Von Ulsen, Brooklyn NY; University of St. Francis Art Gallery, Joilet IL.

Sam Dybeck. It is Easy for me to make friends with Gen Xers. 2022. Corrugated plastic. silkscreen prints on paper. foam. clay. resin. hardware. in artist frame. 16" x 16" x 2". $395

Sam Dybeck. That's Right judge. I'm Robotrippin in your Courtroom. 2022. Found object with inlaid silkscreen print on construction paper. 14" x 10.5" x 1". $136

Jenn Smith. Reverse Dog Music. 2021. Oil on canvas. 26" x 20". $500

Jenn Smith. I Wish We'd All Been Ready. 2022. Inkjet prints, cut paper, found objects. 72" x 240". NFS

Sam Dybeck. In Store and Online. 2022. Intaglio print in cast resin. inkjet prints. found objects. mirror hardware. ~12"x 6.5"x 0.5''. $213

Sam Dybeck. These Streets Made Me Despicable. But My Money Gru. 2022. Silkscreen on paper. latex caulk. and vinyl in artist frame. hardware. cast resin. resin coated pork chop bone. ~21" x 14.5" x 2.5". $269

Sam Dybeck. In My Haunted Forest Eating Count Chocula (808 Cowbell). 2022. Silkscreen on paper with stickers in artist frame. hardware. cast resin. Dimensions variable. $249

Jenn Smith. False Body (Look What God Made). 2022. Inkjet prints. found objects. rubber. wood. acrylic paint. magnets. 12" x 12" x 1". $300

Sam Dybeck. Linking and Building in the Dungeon Tier. 2022. Intaglio print in cast resin. silkscreen print. paper. tape. wood. ~ 7.5" x 4" x 1". $197

Sam Dybeck. bbl ipad kid. 2022. Intaglio print in cast resin. cast resin cleat. and screws. ~6"x 4.5"x 2".

Sam Dybeck. Metaphysical Nightcap. 2022. Cast resin. found object and air freshener with inlaid xerox print on construction paper. mat board. glue. Dimensions variable. POR

Jenn Smith. Tongue of the Bell. 2022. Inkjet prints. found objects. rubber. polymer clay. magnets. 9" x 9" x 9". $500

Sam Dybeck. Linking and Building on the Burner Account. 2022. Intaglio print in cast resin. xerox print. wood. ~6.5" x 3" x 1". $197

Sam Dybeck. Death of a Ladies' Man *SLOWED*. 2022. Intaglio print in cast resin. 8.5" X 7.5", $269