is a contemporary art gallery/curatorial umbrella founded in 2022, with an office space (Annex/Cointelpro) in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood, and a vitrine (Hole) in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. The gallery's program focuses around allowing artists opportunities to present ambitious and challenging work in a site-responsive and collaborative manner, alongside exhibition-specific ephemera.

Directed by Milo Christie and Sam Dybeck.
Implanted Memories Teach Birds a Song
Gianni  Andreatta, Taylor Augustine

May 4th, 2023 - June 4th, 2023

Gianni Andreatta b. 1999 was raised in Corona. California but moved to Chicago in 2018 where they live currently. Their work revolves around the ear worms and temporary fixations that rotate in their day to day. These take shape in the placement of tone holes on their flutes or different idols found across their pieces. They release music under their full name, Jelly Ear and Music for Dogs.

Taylor Augustine. b. 1998 Northeast Ohio, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in the fall of 2021. Her work stems from a deep affinity with decorative arts through practices in drawing. painting. and floristry. Her recent paintings consider the sensation of layering. through delicate gestures of drawing and staining. The work embraces the way images of the natural world can be formed. deciphered, and translated. Previous exhibitions include, ‘Kiss my petals.’ at Goldfinch Gallery, Chicago. ‘Into The World There Came A Soul Called Ida’ at ADDS DONNA. Chicago and ‘green belt.’ at Jargon Projects. Chicago.

Press Release
'Children Love color. but even more they love sculpting - whether they do it by pushing or patting sand. or plucking handfuls of grass. or by squeezing soft food. or collecting pebbles or buttons or legos or pyracanthus berries in a bucket. or by carving patterns into pudding. This must be a primordial behavior. Each continent sits on its own separate sea. one of wine. one of cream. one of melted butter. one of lime juice. one of vinegar. one of tea. and one of ever-falling rain water.'

-From 'Positions of the Sun'. Lyn Hejinian

Weatherproof is proud to announce 'Implanted Memories Teach Birds a Song'. a two-person exhibition featuring works and objects by Gianni Andreatta and Taylor Augustine.

With the six shelves staged with items from the artists' home and studio spaces. The clutter that surrounds them is presented in the same visual field as 'finished work'. A prediction of what it will be like to take this show down: a solemn carrying of boxes. of held weight slowly lifted and exchanged. We move backwards into Andreatta and Augustine's material memory through these objects. and can re-introduce ourselves to their practices through what function essentially as still lives. This thought can continue to the snapshot that is the 'still in 'still life'. or arrive at frankness and vulnerability. showing the labor of making is 'still' their 'lives.

What new intersections and references can we find in the smashing together of peripheral interests and their concurrent devices? We talk the same phrases. repeated a month later with selfsame affirmation and want to show and swirl upon an end point frank enough to halt us in our steps. There is space for magic to be found between the work we make and what is there with us when we make it. The tape breaks this silence, but its character is passive, like it sees what we did, but doesn't feel a way about it.