February 2nd, 2023 - March 5th, 2023

3336 W Lawrence Ave, Suite 303

Chicago IL, 60625

1) Fingers in between sheets of texts; I was judging each of them.

2) Now that I have put it into words: the most ridiculous attempt to make things tangible. I have lost all of my feelings (for you). The purest form.

3) I too want to be so minimal and wordless, projected onto a white wall, so pale.

4) I lost the meaning; I must have dropped it somewhere when I was sketching excuses to fit into two rectangles.

5) It’s not debatable for the fact that the object demands to be written, like the next one.

6) So it inhabits,

7) In this space as a thing with meaning someone (violently) offered up.

8) If you buried something in my walls, someone else will (kindly) read it over to me.

9) Harbinger!

10) We shall see through breaks and breaks.

-- Olivier, 2023

Weatherproof is excited to announce the next show at the annex, 'documentum', featuring work from Craig Jun Li and Olivier.  Opens 6-9pm, Thursday 2/2/23. As well as this, two print editions from the artists will be for sale in company with the show, available through request online, and in person at the gallery.

Book an appointment here.

Items in the Show:

Craig Jun Li



sickness bags, burnt inkjet prints, cigarette ash, leftover beer, engine oil, glass ashtrays, bread soaked in artist’s saliva, stainless steel toaster, vintage Lord & Taylor Chicago snow globe waterglobe in styrofoam packaging, plastic ribbons

*silhouettes of objects on the floor have been temporarily removed from the carpeting



male headphone adapters, silver Christmas ball ornaments

plateaux (collection search results ‘opium’)


embossed cast silicones

*this work is displayed with two temporary interventions: 1) one piece hangs from a tube light with plastic ribbon strings; 2) three pieces are placed within an exposed strip of floor as the result of removing 36” wide carpeting across the room

In addition, the artist has installed an OSB board covering the second window in the gallery. This piece is painted with the color “Cinema Screen” from Sherwin-Williams in a matte finish.




Everywhere: found text, hidden text, tape, paper, holes, emptiness, lamination, inserts, folders, ink, pencils, crayons, the desirable return to anarchiveness on paper, boxes, labels, fasteners, demand and manifestation of objects

Craig Jun Li

untitled, 2023

8 x 10 in

Signed and numbered

Inkjet print with ribbon

Edition of 30


*each edition comes with the plastic folder pictured, which the artist intends to be used as a frame

**20% of sale goes to support Weatherproof


Nothing coming into Something



8-paged bound artists' book, each with 1 unique bookmark

1st edition, Edition of 5 

Signed and numbered


10% go to Weatherproof, 10% go to CJ's travels